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Many Many Thanks 27 June 2018

Posted by Erik Jetmir on

“Let us never forget that government is ourselves and not an alien power over us. The ultimate rulers of our democracy are not a President and senators and congressmen and government officials, but the voters of this country.” Franklin D. Roosevelt

First, I want to say thank you. It is the honor of my life to have been part of this process. I came off of active duty orders October 1st and 7 months later I was part of the 2018 Maryland primary. In my mind that is just an awesome thing! My time in the Navy reserve has been exceptional and I am intensely proud of that service. I have had mentors at each stage of my career that have changed my life forever. They have helped me see those things that I would have never seen without their help. Additionally, I have done so much that without their help, I would simply have not had the chance. So, the 7,708 people that voted for me, please know that the work is not done, and we are far from finished. I know each of you gave great thought into your choice and believe me when I say that having earned your vote in this election demonstrates that our democracy if strong and we can make the change we seek. Please know that words can not truly express how much I appreciate your support

I want to congratulate Rikki, Lih, Marcia, Debbie, Jerry and Chelsea for running great races. I know each of you put your heart and soul into running for office and for many this was a first time to run. I know each of you made great personal sacrifices to be part of this storied democratic process. It is my hope that you stay engaged, look for ways to continue to make change and NEVER EVER shrink from a challenge like this, no matter the odds. I want to congratulate Senator Cardin on his continued success. He clearly has mastered this process and I am hopeful for his continued service to the great state of Maryland. You have spent the last 3 decades in service of this amazing country and has demonstrated what makes this country extraordinary. Thank you.

I also want to thank 8K or so followers on Twitter who tirelessly worked to get the message out, help to organize the protests and have become an amazing family. Many many thanks.

So the work continues and we look to develop solutions to the many issues we see. Thank you all so very much and we will keep pushing, keep working, keep driving for change and we will keep building. Many many blessings to you and your family.

We can. We must. We will.
All the best,

ICE Protest Sunday June 24th at ICE Baltimore Maryland To Reunite 2342 Children #ICEprotestMD #VoteJetmir

Posted by Erik Jetmir on

Directions to 31 Hopkins Plaza Baltimore MD

Ice Protest2

Sunday June 24th at ICE 31 Hopkins Plaza, Baltimore Maryland

For Immediate Release

                                                                                                          Contact: Erik Jetmir for Senate



Maryland candidate Erik Jetmir organizes ICE Protest Sunday June 24th at ICE Baltimore Maryland

BOWIE, MD – Friday June 23rd, 2018 – Erik Jetmir of Bowie, Candidate for the U.S. Senate representing Maryland has organized the first of a series of #ICEprotestMD events on Sunday June 24th at ICE, 31 Hopkins Plaza, Baltimore, MD, to demand immediate action from the President and Congress on reconnecting 2342 children torn from their parents and another 1,475 that are completely missing from the system.

“The laws and systems of our boarders must never sacrifice the moral and ethical requirements for humanely managing immigrants that find there way on our nations doors steps. Period. We are founded on the idea of liberty and laws but also know that we are a nation steep in the tradition of treating all people with the endowed God given dignity and rights they are born with. All people. We are a nation of immigrants. We value the lives of immigrants that come to our boarders and understand they are often coming here seeking asylum and better lives for themselves and their children”

“The administration has allowed children to be separated from their parents and our leaders have been too slow to act in addressing this critical issue. This includes our own leadership here in Maryland with Governor Hogan sending National Guard troops to New Mexico boarders and finally recalling them ONLY when it was clear this was costing republicans and him votes. We call on Maryland US Senator Cardin to immediately cease allowing this cruel and horrific practice while on his watch and reunite the dozens of children held here in Maryland that have been sent here from this horrific process of separating children from their parents! We also call on an immediate accounting by Governor Hogan and Senator Cardin to detail how many of these children have been sent to Maryland over the last year while on their watch and where are they now!”

“On Sunday June 24th at 2PM we will gather at ICE, 31 Hopkins Plaza, Baltimore, Maryland at 2PM to protest the vicious and inhumane policy and we are calling on the President, the Administration, the Senate and Congress to immediately begin the process of re-uniting these children with their families. We call on Governor Hogan and Senator Cardin to immediate report on the efforts to re-unite the children held here in Maryland. This is unacceptable, and your constituency will hold you accountable for these atrocities!”

“The President and Congress are responsible for separating these 2342 children from their families. Their involvement with these heinous actions is unacceptable and demonstrates the clear need for a change of leadership who stand for the long history of the nation to view all actions from the lense of needing to treat all people humanely! As a nation of immigrants, we cannot stand for by while these atrocities are carried out in our name.  Join us Sunday June 23rd at 2PM at ICE, 31 Hopkins Plaza, Baltimore, Maryland to take part in the #ICEprotestMD to send a clear message that if our leaders do not act immediately, they will be voted out of office and replaced with leaders that know this is a national crisis! We can. We must. We will. Now is the time! “

About Erik Jetmir – Erik Jetmir is a candidate for U.S. Senate representing Maryland. He is a Navy Veteran, a Navy Reservist and Erik left his lucrative position as Senior Research Scientist at an NSA contracting company to run for the U.S. Senate fulltime.    @ErikJetmir




Getting Involved with Change in the Era of Sophism

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a fallacious argument, especially one used deliberately to deceive.


Activism in 2018

2018 is an interesting time to get involved with politics. I recently read Gen. Hayden’s book as well as James Comey’s and there are some striking observations that are made by both men. At the top of the list, is an administration with a vastly different view of the truth, the Intelligence Community, and most importantly, the worldviews that are expressed. This falls very closely within the definition of sophism. Now to many that are not working within politics or have a reason to know what sophism is, this may seem like an area that would not likely be front and center with an administration as well as a political campaign. But the closer that you look at this simple concept, the more it looks like a concept that well describes what is currently going on within the administration. This includes the continued obsession with varying degrees of truth and most importantly how that applies to politics and legislating. This presents so many challenges for regular ordinary folks that are likely much more use to getting very consistent information from the president and his administration. At the end of the day, what is important to note is that change comes about with getting directly involved in the fundamentals of organizing, fundraising, volunteering, and working with campaigns.


Don’t Get Wrapped Around the Axle

It is easy to get wrapped around the axle when considering the current information with the administration and particularly the Mueller investigation. This investigation is continuing forward every single day in spite of what is in the news. What is important to note, is that there will be not much information about this investigation until it is completed. Robert Mueller has a distinguished career and his involvement in the process should assure all Americans that this will be completed with the highest level of skill and judicious review. Now clearly, there are those in the general public that have been convinced that anything that comes out negative about the administration (regardless if directly resulting of the administration’s own actions), cannot be considered valid. This is a significant issue associated with how the rule of law is viewed, and most importantly how it is applied. If this is viewed by the general public is nothing more than attempting to defend the indefensible, then history will stand in judgment of what can only be viewed as a tragic and inaccurately misplaced perspective. This investigation will define what laws and policies have either been mismanaged or blatantly violated. If that is the case, it will be indisputable.

How do I get involved?

So what does that mean if you want to get involved in creating change? If you are interested in fixing something that you see needs to be fixed, then the focus should be on those things that have the greatest impact. Clearly some of the current events elicit a lot of emotions and there is no question that some of those motions directly associated with a worldview that is sometimes controversial. All that being said, if your interest is in change then maintaining a focused on the key areas will help to ensure that you are making the kind of change that you are seeking. I would recommend, a focus on the basics. This includes organizing, fundraising, volunteering, and working with local and state campaigns. These are the areas that will contribute greatly to change, and are proven to impact the important areas of policy.


My final thoughts on sophism

When addressing a fallacious argument or one created specifically to either deflect or deliberately deceive, arguing may simply serve the cause of those that create these kind of arguments. That may be to simply consume all of the energies and time folks working to create change. So if you are interested in creating change, part of that should be in clearly recognizing the tactic of using endless fallacious arguments, but also to recognize that this approach may be designed simply consume all the oxygen in the room. With a focus on the important areas of activism, these areas of media engineering become considerably less relevant.