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9 Months Later- June 2018 to March 2019

Posted by Erik Jetmir on

“Do not give yesterday your today”

Erik Jetmir

Hello all. What can I say, its been a long time. It has been a year of extraordinary change. Some of which has been great, and well some of which has been challenging. I will spare you the details. If you know me well, you have heard all of this.

I can think of many of the great lessons of the last year but at the top of that list is to take amazing care of yourself. I am not sure I always did a great job of that. I thought at the time I did, but I would find that to not be the case. I am definitely doing a lot better job of that. The second one of those lessons is to cherish those who are caring for you and with great haste separate yourself from those who are not. This is something us male types are not always good at. We need to do a better job of this.

This is a quick note and I am not going to spend to much time on this. I am going to move on to posts about more relevant topics, like what is going on in the world. Hope if you are reading this that you are taking great care of yourself. Talk to you soon. Erik