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It’s About Us

Posted by Erik Jetmir on

The politics of the last few years (and certainly this is true about politics at large) tell us more about ourselves than the candidates. 62 million voted for Trump and there are countless questions that can be asked.

Does the moral character of a candidate we support reflect our own moral choices?

How much of ourselves do we see in candidates?

How do generational culture norms effect our thinking?

Do our biases play a stronger role than we give credit?

Can we say “I think I got this wrong” and if we did, what is the process of reflection and getting informed?

How informed are we when we vote or is this process purely emotional?

So much can be said about the current state of discourse. Even more can be said about the role of media to be influenced by the events and drive the events. The current aberrant attack’s on the media to impugn the integrity and efficacy of their work is tragic, but not without historic precedent.

Many leaders have been unhappy with the media and clearly there are lots of examples of that. We will each have to determine if that animus is because of reporting the individual is unflatteringly portrayed in or the quality is poor. We will each also have to consider with new elections if it’s time to better reflect on what we each DIDN’T do in the last election, that we want to do differently in this one.