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What the Mueller Report Says About Democracy

Posted by Erik Jetmir on

With the conclusion of the Mueller investigation the process now begins for a nation to review a possible list of scenarios. The news and media are full of speculation and posturing but little is being discussed about what this really tells us about….well……..us. The American people. At the end of the day elected officials are at the center of this issue. An investigation into some very significant charges and 34 people and 3 companies charged. Does this say anything specific about us as a nation? These elected officials represent the people that voted for them. As a voting block (or in some cases, a non voting block) this report represents the voters ability to judicially choose qualified leaders.

We have 62 million Americans that bet on the current president to navigate the waters of politics and deliver on platforms many have considered divisive and greatly controversial. This includes what many feel is very harsh language and rhetoric few would have expected out of a candidate or sitting president. So, is this who we are? Really?

With all that said, it is certain of two things: (1) The report will be comprehensive (2) the republic is stronger because of it, regardless of the outcome. Next week will likely be a very insightful.