ICE Protest Sunday June 24th at ICE Baltimore Maryland To Reunite 2342 Children #ICEprotestMD #VoteJetmir

Directions to 31 Hopkins Plaza Baltimore MD

Ice Protest2

Sunday June 24th at ICE 31 Hopkins Plaza, Baltimore Maryland

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Maryland candidate Erik Jetmir organizes ICE Protest Sunday June 24th at ICE Baltimore Maryland

BOWIE, MD – Friday June 23rd, 2018 – Erik Jetmir of Bowie, Candidate for the U.S. Senate representing Maryland has organized the first of a series of #ICEprotestMD events on Sunday June 24th at ICE, 31 Hopkins Plaza, Baltimore, MD, to demand immediate action from the President and Congress on reconnecting 2342 children torn from their parents and another 1,475 that are completely missing from the system.

“The laws and systems of our boarders must never sacrifice the moral and ethical requirements for humanely managing immigrants that find there way on our nations doors steps. Period. We are founded on the idea of liberty and laws but also know that we are a nation steep in the tradition of treating all people with the endowed God given dignity and rights they are born with. All people. We are a nation of immigrants. We value the lives of immigrants that come to our boarders and understand they are often coming here seeking asylum and better lives for themselves and their children”

“The administration has allowed children to be separated from their parents and our leaders have been too slow to act in addressing this critical issue. This includes our own leadership here in Maryland with Governor Hogan sending National Guard troops to New Mexico boarders and finally recalling them ONLY when it was clear this was costing republicans and him votes. We call on Maryland US Senator Cardin to immediately cease allowing this cruel and horrific practice while on his watch and reunite the dozens of children held here in Maryland that have been sent here from this horrific process of separating children from their parents! We also call on an immediate accounting by Governor Hogan and Senator Cardin to detail how many of these children have been sent to Maryland over the last year while on their watch and where are they now!”

“On Sunday June 24th at 2PM we will gather at ICE, 31 Hopkins Plaza, Baltimore, Maryland at 2PM to protest the vicious and inhumane policy and we are calling on the President, the Administration, the Senate and Congress to immediately begin the process of re-uniting these children with their families. We call on Governor Hogan and Senator Cardin to immediate report on the efforts to re-unite the children held here in Maryland. This is unacceptable, and your constituency will hold you accountable for these atrocities!”

“The President and Congress are responsible for separating these 2342 children from their families. Their involvement with these heinous actions is unacceptable and demonstrates the clear need for a change of leadership who stand for the long history of the nation to view all actions from the lense of needing to treat all people humanely! As a nation of immigrants, we cannot stand for by while these atrocities are carried out in our name.  Join us Sunday June 23rd at 2PM at ICE, 31 Hopkins Plaza, Baltimore, Maryland to take part in the #ICEprotestMD to send a clear message that if our leaders do not act immediately, they will be voted out of office and replaced with leaders that know this is a national crisis! We can. We must. We will. Now is the time! “

About Erik Jetmir – Erik Jetmir is a candidate for U.S. Senate representing Maryland. He is a Navy Veteran, a Navy Reservist and Erik left his lucrative position as Senior Research Scientist at an NSA contracting company to run for the U.S. Senate fulltime.    @ErikJetmir