A Stronger Voice

A stronger voice. A stronger fighter for you and your family.

The presidency of Barack Obama ushered in a dynamic that the nation was excited for and had been many decades in the making.

Almost immediately the fault lines between the old and new were well established. Regrettably, in both parties, there is a highly established Political Industrial Complex. The PIC attacks things that challenge the status quo on both sides. We all know that we are better than this.

As President Obama advanced the mandate he was charged with from support well demonstrated by two landslide elections, the opposition parties develop insurgent positions, extreme tactics and an assault on norms, decorum, civil discourse and American traditions that the nation had long considered to have evolved beyond. This aberrant behavior developed into the global spectacle of what our lesser angels look like, sound like and do.

Most of the nation felt then and now our leadership failed to take the fight to them, failed to draw a line in the sand and failed to make it clear that this was not acceptable in our America.

Above all things, failed to meet the perfidy and wholesale assault on our cherished democracy with the solutions that address this tired call to retreat to an era that lacked social inheritance for most. Masked in shifts and pivots a willful ignorance and amnesia to the truth.

We know better, and we know we should do better. Our leadership needs to be considerably stronger fighting for you and your family.

Stronger in fighting to ensure your voice is heard and above all things, stronger at winning for you! You and your family need new strong leadership to ensure you and your family experiences are presented in the White House and you need stronger leaders that are fighters ready for the next chapter in the continued struggle for social equality for all, not just the wealthy and powerful. The midterms represent the needed turning point to begin to get the nation back on track for progress and Maryland needs fighters in the White House fighting and defending the future of Maryland.