Domestic Policy Reform

“Power tends to protect itself merely to maintain its own status and control. Principle gives up power for the sake of creating the best public policy.” Dan Webster

We as a nation of citizens have seen policy after policy sold to the public that has little or no benefit to our communities. Some of these “policies” have cost billions and in some case trillions of taxpayer dollars. Many have asked the question “What does that policy have to do with my community, home or neighborhood?”

We have seen too many of our leaders become willfully ignorant to the cost of life and treasure of policies that are an abject waste of resources. We are better than this. You know it, and I know it. We could not run our own households like this and we need to begin to elect leaders that are outsiders and not part of the political industrial complex.

Career politicians are what created the problem and we as a nation need to elect leaders that understand what regular Americans experience every day.

The days of long-winded political pandering is over. We need domestic policy reform that includes ensuring your voice is clearly represented. Clearly communicated that those fiscal deficits that are handed down to generation after generation are not acceptable. Endless investments in areas that do not help the middle class and struggling poor are unacceptable.

We need to reform public expenditure priorities around those things we know will translate into real change in our neighborhoods. Education and health take front and center and with your support, we will get to the heavy lifting of making sure those areas that are common sense priorities to you and your family are the priorities of your state and federal legislatures. It’s time for the change we all know we need!