“In a country as wealthy as ours, for us to have people who are going bankrupt because they can’t pay their medical bills–for my mother to die of cancer at the age of 53 and have to spend the last months of her life in the hospital room arguing with insurance companies because they’re saying that this may be a pre-existing condition and they don’t have to pay her treatment, there’s something fundamentally wrong about that.”

Barack Obama

Health Insurance has an impact on all Americans and represents challenges that directly affect all communities. With 10% of Maryland families living at or below the poverty level there continues to be a persistent issue with developing programs that are innovative and lead to real social change. Many of the most vulnerable of us are also suffering from a lack of preventive care that leads to extraordinary medical expenses. This challenges how we view our entire community and how we prioritize our collective care.

Health Insurance for All

The current administration has made attacking the services that provided 20 million Americans health insurance a real issue by repealing critical components this life-saving policy. Our leaders have not done enough to meet this challenge and sadly have folded on fighting for the working class and struggling poor. Maryland will lead the country in the creation of a solution to the current health insurance shortfall. With the president’s platform to eliminate the individual mandate, this presents the greatest possibility of existing policies to see increases of 50% putting 150,000 of Marylanders at risk. We are better than this. Maryland will lead the nation in developing state solutions that combat this continued assault on the middle class and struggling poor.