“There’s a way to do it better—find it.” –Thomas Edison

Maryland has a unique opportunity to lead the nation with innovation and the development of brilliant new ideas. This is our campaign’s collective new vision of Maryland. Tap into the existing exceptional base of talent in Maryland and develop organizations around them to refine and introduce new ideas that find a better way. A better way that includes manufacturing, renewable energy, science, and technology, just to name a few.

This is our enduring legacy, to become the great next frontier of innovation by building great platforms for the innovative minds here in Maryland to thrive in and help them develop the business and technology ecosystems that transform ideas into successful companies. This requires the infrastructure and using a cross-functional teaming approach that has been successful in businesses all over the country. I know what you are thinking! Why is this not done now? There is a growing base of talent in Maryland that is developing great ideas and there are business ideas that can result from many of these startups.

To make this happen your leaders need to understand the enormous value these startups can become.

If your state and federal leadership lack that vision, they will not be able to translate the long challenges that have to be overcome to help foster the creation of Maryland based industries into solutions that grow businesses.  Career politicians cannot solve this problem.

We have a plan for a large-scale innovation hub that is designed to tap into the existing talent in Maryland and provide the leadership, training, and support that will be essential at taking early stage development ideas into thriving businesses led by Maryland’s best and brightest driven visionaries.

This will require a wholesale change to how Maryland views startups and requires a significant convergence of academia, the private sector, and government. This will also require the ability to attract and support the expansion of investors for startups and funding intuitional support for growing businesses.

Our vision for Maryland innovation includes comprehensive business/startup mentorship, guidance and a cultural shift from viewing innovation as what happens somewhere else to what we do here as a culture. This taps into the qualities and mindsets of leading entrepreneurs and that will transform Maryland into a leader of innovation and job creation!