Jobs, Jobs, Jobs

When incomes are adjusted for inflation, they have been flat for decades. Our current policies are not making an impact on the continued erosion of the middle class, and doing almost nothing for the working and struggling poor. We will build an enterprise within Maryland that helps develop and grow the entrepreneurial spirit within Maryland.

We have seen the nation spend billions and trillions on things that few will ever see impact the lives and the lives of their families.

We will make the building of an enterprise of innovators and entrepreneurs a foundation of our work. This will bring business leaders to the table. To see the vision of this highly qualified workforce contribute to innovation and new company growth spurred on by the funding and resources to see new business ideas established and flourishing within Maryland.

Our innovation hub brings together business leaders, financiers, and cutting-edge thinkers to develop a business environment second to none. This will include the talent and resources to propel Maryland and its innovative businesses and business ideas into the future.

This will increase the jobs in Maryland, draw new industry interest into Maryland and work to expand well established and successful businesses already growing in Maryland.

This will be a state-wide business outreach of the innovation hub to “Train, Innovation, and Win”. We know the future of Maryland will be on our collective ability to find and fund those big ideas that are the future of innovative business. We know our state is full of talented people, existing business superstars, and future business leaders. We know if we empower them to drive innovation, they will grow into companies leading the industry and employing many Marylanders.

The Innovation Hub is new and represents our vision for the future of Maryland and Maryland business to drive jobs by investing in our best and brightest! We are excited about your business ideas, your current business and know your success is our collective future! Let’s get there together!