National Security

National Security

With an estimated 19% of Maryland voters working within the government, the role of these highly trained and exceptionally dedicated professionals has been and continues to play a central role in national security, support of critical services and the enduring defense of our nation.

The current threat of cyber attacks helps to frame how essential it will be that our leaders have first-hand experience working on these challenges and have extensive real-world experience understanding what challenges we will face in our immediate future and long-term.

Many of our leaders do not have this experience. Many throughout the nation see the discourse and evolving events of the last year surrounding the administration’s stance on the Intelligence Community as troubling, to say the least.

Institutions that have long been held in the highest regard because of the overwhelming track record of defending the nation have seen partisanship transform conversations into petty targeting of these venerated institutions. This is well demonstrated when viewed from the fact that in polls most American’s (60%) trust these stalwart institutions contrasted by 60% who do not trust the current president.

We are at an important point in our nation’s history.

Louder and more informed voices from our leaders need to take the national support for these professionals and the voices of the workers of Maryland to the White House to ensure much more is being done to end this pettiness and focus on the business of the nation.

This undermines national security by sending a message to our adversaries that the president and his administration are at odds with the professionals charged with defending the nation and distracted from major national security issues.

As a nation we have top national security concerns. These include:

  • Ongoing Cyber threats from adversaries.
  • US and Russian involvement with Syria.
  • US and Russia involvement in the Ukraine.
  • Ongoing challenges with Iran. Many of our leaders have been on the wrong side of this issue.
  • Increasing US and China tensions.
  • North Korea as a real threat to stability in the region.

These are the areas that our leaders should be focused on, not attacking the institutions charged for decades with protecting our nation.

Maryland is at the heart of a significant part of that process of defending the nation and we will ensure there is an exceptionally strong representation that communicates the critical value these extraordinary professionals deliver every single day.