The Military members that have served their nation honorably have sometimes been exposed to extreme levels of combat and service-related strains. Persistent with these experiences has been an increasingly large number of veterans that continue to find the health care services in Maryland amongst the lowest rate in the country. This has been a persistent issue. Maryland ranks 49th in providing our veterans health care support and ranked 38th overall. With a large number of veterans and retirees that are located in Maryland, these critical statics mean that many of our most honorable citizens are having to accept some of the worst care in the country.

This persistent issue represents a huge shortfall of state leadership.

The first day in office we will ensure our veterans:

  1. Medical care for our veterans is a top state priority. This will be addressed immediately. It is unacceptable that Maryland ranks 49th of all states providing medical care to our valued veterans. They served to ensure the safety of our nation and they deserve better.
  2. Maryland implements programs that ensure Maryland is an ideal state to retire in. This includes no income tax for Military retirees. Combined with our innovation hub (that has programs specifically for our veterans) to develop innovative businesses that employ veterans and many Marylanders.
  3. Military members of every branch live by the credo that no one is ever left behind. Our warrior programs take a complete accounting of every veteran in our state. This includes ensuring that the 500 or so homeless veterans are accounted for, in programs to ensure they are provided the services they need and no veteran is left without the care and support they need for a transition into the workforce.