Welcome everyone. I am seeking the democratic nomination for U.S. Senate for Maryland. I have been both a Republican and Democrat and know firsthand what challenges face many families across Maryland and the nation.

Our national presence on the world stage has always been a reminder of the great value of the tenants of our democracy.

The exceptional cost paid by so many before us reminds us of the price of freedom. Ours is a many faceted shared experience and it demonstrates what makes our nation such an exceptional collection of people. We are taught to regard the whole human species as one family, and what we know is that these shared experiences are what binds us.

From coast to coast, black, white, Latino, lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender, those born in the United States and our cherished immigrant brothers and sisters, we all have many of the same dreams and that is what galvanizes us into a nation that has been the greatest country in human history.

It is this fundamental diversity that dates to the founding of the nation that continues to demonstrate why we are exceptional. But, we are at a crossroads Brothers and Sisters and some would present to you a very different narrative. The narrative that these differences should divide us.

The inherited wealth of this nation has defined and elected their new standard bearer, his marching orders are well defined by actions, words, suspicion, and insults. This is not a new narrative in the tradecraft of oligarchies. This is not a new idea in the pursuit of hegemony and the ever-growing corporate state. But, the iron law of democracy always persists where the reflexive nature of bigotry attempts to hide. We as a nation have always been about big ideas.

The establishment political structure of career politicians is not getting the job done. You know it, I know it, and they know it! It is time! It is time to look within our own communities for the solutions that will make our democracy work for all of us, not the just the powerful few. Maryland deserves better and the nation has always been better than that.

We need new ground engaged leadership that understands that the pain of inequality can be severe.  That catchy political promises that do not translate into solutions for the working family are completely useless.

We must not passively accept from our so-called leader’s those things we know to be wrong. Wrong for our families, wrong for our nation and counter to all our closely held beliefs. It is time to come together and breathe new life into so many of these stale ideas. It is time for families everywhere to ask the question “How do we get the change we need?”. It is time to insist on policies that help grow the middle class and address the erosion of our collective ability to do better.  It is time.

We must not stand by while those things we know to be wrong are done in our name and our countries name.

I am running for the United States Senate because like many of you, I am concerned. I am very concerned about the behavior of our elected officials. I am concerned that still, there is little being done for the middle class and for families struggling to make ends meet.

This includes the lack of a real visible response from our elected officials in both parties about systemic problems of inequality, social injustice and false narratives presented as political facts! Some of these escalating injustices have real-world impacts that we have not seen addressed. This includes persistent income inequality, unemployment, insane costs of college, poor job growth, an assault on national healthcare and the right to pursue the American dream against an ever-growing and increasingly powerful corporate state.

I am running for the United States Senate to represent the great state of Maryland because like many of you I refuse to retreat from the belief that we are better than this.

We can change these policies because they are ours to change.

We must do a better job working together for the future of our children and grandchildren.

We will control the politics and policies in our communities and it is long overdue.

We can. We must. We will.

I am not a career politician, I am a career American. Crafted in the street of hard knocks. Like many of you, I am looking for common sense change that we can see implemented in our communities now.  I am asking for your support to change our collective future.  To take your message and concerns to Washington. We have a plan and we need you, your financial support, volunteers, your help getting everyone to the polls and above all things, we need your prayers.

God bless you, your family, and this nation of ours that has been great from its founding and greater because of each of you! Lets go!